Over my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with companies large and small, as in-house designer, as photographer and presenting to Fortune 500 companies. My experience in strategy, design, technology and collaboration are brought to bear on every project. I’ve mentored and managed colleges, worked on award winning digital projects and won six figure client work. I’ve held a number of titles including senior designer, user experience designer and photographer. My photography background, keen interest in branding and story development brings a unique angle to my design approach. I excel at bringing that experience and commerce together.

I lived in and around Chicago my entire life. I enjoy tinkering in the kitchen, home brewing, camping, archery, and riding my bike.

I am driven to create and enjoy creating work that drives people.



The photos above are a sample of some favorites from the last few years. More to come. All photos are copyrighted Eric Dunlap.